Digital Scale BF 8031 Smart Body Fat

bluetooth smart scale

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Digital Scale BF 

This Digital Scale help you keep your weight on track. It does not only measure body weight it also measures body mass index (BMI), body fat, obesity percentage, muscle mass, body water.
You can also control your weight by using the application to see your body changes and master your health.

• Body weight.
• Body mass index (BMI).
• Body fat.
• Obesity percentage.
• Muscle mass.
• Body water.

How to use:
Place the scale on hard surface (not on the carpet or some soft subjects).
Stand on the scale with your bare feet.

Points of interest:
• Capacity of the scale :3 - 18O KGS.
• You can down load the application from Apple store or Play store by the name of " LEAONE".
• The application help you control your weight and give you analysis result about your health.

room temperature.

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