Dalton Derma Control Spot Concentrate 15Ml 1669

Instant remedy for pimples



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Dalton Derma Control Spot Concentrate 15ml

Concentrated formula with antibacterial camphor and skin-soothing panthenol to get rid of pimples before they even get the chance to spread and become more painful. After just a short time, pimple size and redness caused by acne are greatly reduced. It is easy to use for an overnight pimple treatment at home. Just a dab of this blemish-busting spot treatment helps the skin to get rid of stubborn acne breakouts and blemishes!

• Antibacterial
• Anti-inflammatory
• Soothes skin.

How to use:
Apply topically to emerging or existing pimples and blemishes.

Camphor , panthenol , 

15 ML.
Made in:
More Information:
• For external use only.
How TO Storage:
Room Temperature
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