Cleanser With Facial Brush BR-020

Deep skin cleansing for all skin type to remove impurities and dead skin and makeup to leave the skin smooth and radiant.

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Cleanser With Facial Brush BR-020

Cleanser facial Brush is an easy to use brush for effective, deep skin cleansing for all skin types. It helps remove impurities and dead skin, makeup and pore clogging dirt to leave the skin smooth and radiant.
It can give you a facial massage to help fight aging, enhance blood circulation and give you a relaxing feeling.
The metal area at the bottom has a special negative ion induction function, which can promote the absorption of nutrients when using skin care products.

• Deep cleaning of the skin.
• It gives facial massage.
• Increase product absorption.
How to use:
Wet face and machine then apply cleanser on the brush.
Turn the brush on.
Use it in a circular motion.
when you finish rinse your face with water.
Press the "+" key continuously , the vibration gradually increase, pressing the "-" key continuously, the vibration gradually decrease.

Points of interest:
• Safe for any type of skin.
• Waterproof and with hidden charging port.
• Rechargeable by USB.
• It is recommended to keep the brush clean.

room temperature.


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