Case Visco Travel Neck Pillow Big VT 1002

A big-sized gray neck pillow that provides comfortable sleeping during traveling

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Case Visco Travel Neck Pillow Big VT 1002

Case Travel Sleeping Pillow gives you a peaceful sleep during trips and travels.
This neck pillow provides you with a comfortable sleeping position that prevents you from getting pinched.
The neck pillow from Case comes in gray color and has a Big size of 31 x 27 x 10 ~ cm.

Benefits of a neck pillow:
- Increase comfort and relaxation during sleep.
- Prevents neck vertebrae injury.
- Maintain a comfortable sleeping position.
- Small in size and easy to carry in airports.

How to use:
- Put the pillow hole behind the neck to provide comfort during sleep.

More information:
- Make sure that the pillow size is right for you.

Made in: Turkey.

Quantity: 1 PC.

Store at room temperature.

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