Case Thumb Stabilizator Wrist Brace XL-XXL

A thumb and wrist brace to alleviate pain and keep the thumb immobilized while it heals from surgery, injury or disease

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Case Thumb Stabilizator Wrist Brace KB 433-3 XL-XXL
Thumb Stabilizer Wrist Brace from Case can provide the perfect support mechanism to the thumb and wrist.
A thumb brace can help alleviate pain, increase stability, and take the stress off the joint.
The main purpose of this splint is to keep the thumb immobilized while it heals from surgery, injury, or disease.
It is very useful for people who use mobile phones for a long time.

• Material: It is made from elastic knitted fabric such as neoprene, polyester, nylon, polyamide, spandex fabric.
• Color: black.
• Size: It fits 2 sizes: XL – XXL.
• Cm of wrist: 20 – 24 cm.

• Relieve pain, discomfort, or tingling sensation in fingers and thumb.
• Used for relieving De Quervain syndrome (It’s a painful inflammation of tendons in your wrist and lower thumb).
• Used for Spasticity (abnormal muscle tightness due to prolonged muscle contraction).
• Used for Arthritis.
• Used for Fractures after gypsum treatment.
• Used for Post-surgical healing.

How to wear:
Make sure that the product size is equal to the size of your wrist.
Detach the strap.
Push the thumb of the injured hand in the thumb hole.
Attach the strap.

Points of interest:
• This medical instrument has been designed for single patient use.
• If your doctor has prescribed the use of bandages at night, make sure the bandages do not block the blood flow.
• In case of numbness, relax, if complaints continue, see a doctor.
• Usage of neoprene products must not be over 3-4 hours.
• You should ask your doctor before use if you are allergic to neoprene, polyester, or nylon.

Washing instructions:
• Wash the product at 30C by hand wash.
• Do not use a washing machine.
• Dry the product on a towel.
• Do not use a dryer.

room temperature.

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