Case Ankle Brace Bandage Active L

Elastic bandage that provides stabilization and support for injured ankle

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Case Ankle Brace Bandage Active KB 301 L
Ankle Brace Bandage - Active from Case supports the injured ankle with the simple elastic ligament.
It keeps the muscles and tendons loose by preserving the body heat in the applied area, reduces the pain, and helps to reduce the swelling in the ankle through mild compression.
It does not restrict movement in walking and sports activities and can be easily applied in sports and street shoes.

• Fits the right and left ankle
• Color: gray and red.
• Size: L.
Cm: 23 – 25 cm.

Provides support for:
• Injuries to the ankle (e.g. strains, bruises and distortions).
• Joint pain due to wear (osteoarthritis).
• Mild instability of the joint.
• Tendency to swell.
• Rheumatoid conditions.

How to wear:
Read the manual for the instructions.
Points of interest:
• This medical instrument has been designed for single patient use.

Washing instructions:
• Wash the product at 30C by hand wash.
• Do not use a washing machine.
• Dry the product on a towel.
• Do not use a dryer.

room temperature.

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